At Tuza we offer our Joint Venture Investment Partners the opportunity to achieve strong returns on their investment in real estate.  Our system is a secure, proven, and professionally managed opportunity for a hands off investment.  We find creative ways for you to safely achieve your financial goals.

Investors Benefits

  • Tenant/Buyer that is committed to a long term lease (No Vacancies )
  • Option Payment that is non refundable if the client does not buy the house.
  • Premium rent as they have to build up their down payment
  • Rent credits to the Tenant / Buyer  get applied if they buy the house
  • Fixed term investment for up to 5 Years (ie: 2 to 3 Years is typical)
  • There is a predetermined Selling price at the start. Appreciation on the property is controllable.
  • Tuza as the managing JV Partner is responsible for management costs over the term of the lease.
  • Our Tenant / Buyers take excellent care of the property as they have vested reason and want to protect their investment
  • We allow them to improve the home (at their cost) increasing the value of the property.
  • No clean up costs to prepare for sale that most rental properties have
  • JV Investment partner  is on title of the property until the sale is complete.
  • No Real Estate fees to sell the property ( It’s already sold)
  • You can expect a better than average ROI per annum